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Experience Counts
Professional Abatement has turned potentially fatal situations, into a positive experience for several hundred clients over the past few years. Their client's are primarily located in Michigan, but PASI is always looking to expand. By clicking on the links below you can browse an archive of clients, as well as, read what a few companies had to say in regards to their experience with Professional Abatement Services Inc.

Click Here to view a partial list of some of our Commercial and Residential Clients



Click on the LINKS below and read a testimonial describing the type of work that is routine at Professional Abatement Services, Inc.  Clients are always treated the same and we always try to make a project easier with prompt service.   Feel free to contact anyone that we have worked for, get a second opinion.

JM OLSON CORPORATION                                                                          MARY MYERS
26210 Harper Avenue                                                                                         Local homeowner shares her experience with P.A.S.I.

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