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American Axle & Manufacturing

Dear Danny Bennett:

Your group of associates that did the abatements during our crises need to be commended. Their dedication to the job and getting the job done within tight time schedules proved their professionalism. Their attention to detail and safety far surpassed other companies that we have dealt with in the past.

Not only did they do the job required but went above and beyond by taking care of other items asked of them. Dave Bennett provided great leadership skills to get the job done as assigned. Two workers in particular, Josh Walker and Mike Callahan did an outstanding job in handling situations that arose during the project. I feel that these employees should be considered for a monitory increase to applaud their outstanding performance.

If there is any thing I can do, please feel free to contact me. I look forward toworking with your team in the future.


Leo Buk II

Leo Buk II
Health & Safety Training Dept.