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August 30,2002

Mr. Dan Bennett, President
Professional Abatement, Inc.
19123 Allen Road
Melvindale, Mi, 48122


I just wanted to express my gratitude for the quality of the work performed and professionalism displayed by your employees at the Waterford Mott High School Additions Project. I have been very impressed by your General Foreman, Jake, as well as, the field foreman Dan, in regard to their willingness to "Do the right thing" in regards to safety and the special concerns in dealing with an occupied high school. They have taken the necessary measures to prevent dust, fumes, etc. from entering the school in areas directly adjacent to construction areas. They adjusted their work sequencing to meet the needs of the school and my schedule without affecting productivity.

It is evident that your employees are an extension of yourself. Not a day goes by that they will not check in at the trailer to confirm that they are taking care of all my issues according to the priority they need to be completed. And I will always get a phone call at the end of the day with a report on what was completed and what the anticipated completion will be for the following day.

I cannot say enough about the "Whatever it takes" attitude you and your company express on the jobsite. This type of company is very rare in our industry and I am glad to have you on this project.

I thank you and your company for your hard work and dedication and look forward to working with you on many projects in the future.

JM Olson Corporation

Thomas J. Beauchamp

Thomas J. Beauchamp
Project Superintendent